Often, if your tyres are wearing unevenly, it can just be a problem with your tyre pressures so a quick inspection can identify whether there is a simple solution or a more serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment and balancing in Haywards Heath

If your feel like your wheel alignment isn’t correct on your vehicle, bring your car to Beetle Garage and we’ll get it checked out for you.

At Beetle Garage, at our location in South Rd, Plumpton Green, Haywards Heath BN8 4EA is fully kitted out with expert technology and equipment enabling us to accurately check your wheel alignment and tyre pressures. We’ll check both of these aspects so that we can get to the bottom of the problem accurately and efficiently.


  • 4-wheel alignment

At Beetle Garage, we can check the wheel alignment on any make or model of car, including 4×4’s. We can make sure all 4 wheels are properly aligned so that your car drives safely in a

  • Drive in or pre-book

If you think you have a problem with your wheel alignment, we are more than happy to view your car if you pop in when you’re next passing. We don’t charge for a simple inspection, only if there’s something wrong and wheel alignment and/or repairs are required.

Some brand we use

We use genuine parts or costumer choice